August 17, 2022

I recently experienced the decision-making means of evaluating 3 Multi-Level Supplement Businesses – all particularly centered on Antioxidants. Not being a professional in Network Advertising added to my comparison “shopping” task – though as a Chiropractor, the science mixed up in products were more familiar to me Max Marketing.

My study wasn’t perfect in the slightest and I just individually tried 2 of the 3 products (ASEA & Protandim). Nevertheless, by talking with others more capable and educated in equally the company and specialized elements, I thought my ideas offered me a fair photograph of researching “apples with apples” ;.

The PRODUCT – All 3 businesses pursue raising antioxidant activity within the body (quenching free radicals) though use various means of hitting that goal. Equally LifeVantage/Protandim and MAX GXL, as an example, have tried the improve of Glutathione (a strong free radical scavenger) related with their particular products. ASEA had study that showed the improve of VO2 Max future to using their product.

ASEA’s solution is a fluid (taste like share water, chlorine smell) in a 32 oz bottle charging around $40 and a client can use 1-4 containers each month based on the seriousness of the health challenge. MAX GXL went about $70 to $170 each month, again depending on the seriousness of the problem. LifeVantage’s Protandim (30 supplements, 1/day) went about $48 each month, and that volume could possibly be doubled if your person was challenging the human body through major exercise and/or illness. All numbers are estimated and serious investors have to do their particular due diligence.

The reason why they vary in their regular expenses is that they have various elements of action. MAX GXL features a patented supply process because of its antioxidants, while ASEA employs reactive air species to improve antioxidants. LifeVantage/Protandim is the absolute most cost effective in that it influences the human body to improve its own manufacturing of antioxidant enzymes. These nutrients actually work many more situations effectively, quenching a million free radicals per chemical every second.

The PEOPLE – The standout study scientist among ASEA, LifeVantage, and MAX GXL is Dr. Joe McCord, Primary Scientist for Lifevantage. Successful of the Elliot Cresson Honor (now known as the Benjamin Franklin Medal) Dr. McCord gives this difference with Henry Ford, and Alexander Graham Bell as well as different notables. The Franklin Institute says,

“Among science’s highest honors, The Franklin Institute Awards recognize people whose good development has gained mankind, sophisticated science, launched new areas of question, and deepened our understanding of the universe.”

The company administration of 3 marketing businesses seem to be manned with strong, accomplished, and experienced managers, though very little time was allocated to exploring this element as much as counting on the opinions of independent company advisors.

The RESEARCH – Unusual among complement businesses is Look Analyzed Research reports on a particular product. This kind of study is the gold standard which medical doctors use, depending on this information (and product) to use and trust. Important drug businesses mentor these reports to market their wares.

The LifeVantage is the sole business that has 9 Look Analyzed reports of the product Protandim, and we were holding independent study maybe not paid for by the company. Additional independent reports by universities have been in process for Protandim.

The BUSINESS – In this region of evaluation I counted on more capable Network Advertising people and an unbiased company consultant. The IRS has asked previously the binary kind of multi-level marketing, like a pyramid-like scheme, more specialized in selling distributorships than true products. That is an area where each person need to do his or her own due diligence. ASEA features a binary design; LifeVantage a uni-level matrix, and MAX GXL design is unknown to me. While I did not discover in regards to the percentage payouts of ASEA and MAX GXL, LifeVantage is simply below 60%.

Finally, remember most of the network marketers have their finest base forward, “romancing” their potential new distributors and customers. Temper their rush “to the altar” with your personal study, ask others more capable for their insight and remember like any long-term connection – it requires lots of work. I do believe I decided the very best choice in LIfevantage, because of its solution is reinforced by study, a higher level scientific experience, and reliability and performance.

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