The Village of Windlesham

Windlesham is a charming Surrey Heath village set in the South East of England. Like their shut neighbours Virginia Water, Bagshot and Chobham, it is in the beautiful borough of Surrey briansclub.

Windlesham derives their name from the Windle Brook, which begins in the Swinley Forest of Berkshire, operates after dark south of the village in to Chomham. The region is full of history having discovered some Neolithic tools and implements considered to date back once again to the Bronze Age.

Nowadays Windlesham is really a booming neighborhood with a great village spirit. That village is the perfect spot to reside in if access to Heathrow Airport and central London is important. Their convenient spot, near Junction 3 of the M3, in addition has attracted huge organization including the Eli Lilly and Range Perform Systems.

Windlesham village was previously a tiny neighborhood within Windsor Great Park. It developed as a remote farming settlement about undulating heath, similar to Sunninghill. That calm corner of the district appears to have been too sparsely inhabited to own been stated in the Domesday Book. There are references in historic documents concerning the exploits of highwaymen who once overwhelmed the location – certainly for this reason Windlesham Golf Membership operates their individual Highwaymen’s events.

The Windlesham village subject is hosts a recreational park as well as a busy perform area. Numerous much-loved village functions take place on the field. The absolute most well-known of these functions could be the annual Windlesham Fete. The subject is also found in the summertime weeks by Windlesham Cricket Membership placing an ideal English village scene.

Windlesham is also noted for their annual pram competition; the charity function typically takes place on Boxing Day and requires locals putting on a costume in elegant gown, completing a 3.5 mile course through Windlesham village and stopping at regional pubs along the way.

Windlesham also presents different activities activities. It’s not just well-known for their Golf Membership however it features a booming running membership too. The Windle Area Runners running membership is ideal for all requirements of runner. The membership meets 3 x a week and people can join for fun, exercise or competing.

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