Trade Schools – The Fast Track to Beginning Your Career

The purpose of this article is to present you with an overview of trade schools, explaining how these schools differ from traditional four-year colleges and why they can make an excellent choice if you’re looking to break into the industry as soon as possible ایران آموزشگاه.

If you’re a high school graduate considering the possibility of attending trade school in the near future, and you want to know what benefits such a decision could offer, read this article to find out more.

Trade schools, also known as vocational schools, are post-secondary schools – meaning that students usually enroll after graduating from high school or obtaining their GEDs – that teach the skills necessary to help students acquire jobs in specific industries.

The biggest difference between trade school and traditional college is the amount of time students need to complete their education. Most vocational schools offer programs that students can complete in about one year. Students attending traditional colleges often take four to five years to complete their education.

Traditional colleges also require students to complete a liberal arts education; they must enroll in a broad range of courses that are not necessarily related to their area of study. Vocational schools only require students to enroll in classes that pertain to their particular trades.

In government institutions there is another group i.e. state board of different states. Every state has its own education board operated by state administration and there are many institutions recognised by these boards.

Many boards are operating at national level too, as CBSE, ICSE, NCERT, etc. The schools recognised by these schools have their own dress code of their kind. Generally in such schools too there are trend of two pair of shoes in a week.

Apart from all these, now especially in metro cities another kind of school is taking place significantly and that is play-school. The trend of play-school is rapid growing. Generally, in such schools two years old children got admitted where learn while playing. However such schools don’t have the dress code but the children wear shoes which have their own identity in market.

Now many of the companies are engaged in the business implicit in shoes requirement of these schools. Not only tiny and cottage industries but multi nationals are in such companies. Some private institutions properly form a contract with these companies and the shoes of their dress code are available their stores only.

On the other side such government schools which arrange the education as well as fooding, lodging and dress of children, they purchase school shoes in bulk quantity by issuing the tender. Now the Government has implemented a law of mandatory education for children till age of 14 year. So, the Government itself arranges the other needs of the children apart from education.

Government itself purchases and distributes the shoes to children. Most of the footwear companies accept that business of school shoes has its own idenity which has dominance in footwear industry.

Many companies announce their new range of school shoes from time to time. In most of these ranges belly shoes fulfill the requirements of girls while shoes made form leather, rexin and canvas cover the boys shoe necessity.

To tap the opportunities in school shoes segment not only small and national level companies but multi-nationals like Nike, Adidas, Bata, etc. are recording their presence. However, the centalisation of these big brands are limited to metro cities as these shoes can be bought by those guardians whose children are studying in highly paid schools.

On the other side the shoe requirement of medium and low fee range schools is often filled by many small and national level companies like Relaxo, Lakhani, Paragon, Niio, Columbus, Lancer, etc. But due to recession, school shoes business too hammered. According to an estimate from September 2008 to now the business volume of school shoes has been decreased.

In these circumstances where small companies just follow the innovative and new designs by big international brands and they launch it lower price band in market. But the big companies have their separate research and development department. These departments continually innovate new designs with special features and facilities which are liked in market.

In recession time companies are taking all possible initiative to increase the business volume. Naturally how they may lag behind in school shoes segment. Hence every footwear company either big or small is launching new range of school shoes.

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